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Things that I have written
Holy crap how long has it been since I was on here? How did I even forget I had one?

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Holy cow I didn't know that it has been this long since I have updated my livejournal. Dear lord I have so much to catch up on...I am going to be reading for at least the next three days straight.

I was not ignoring anyone in anyway. My school case load has been so freaking crazy I have like no time to myself.

Please no one hate me.

Leave me a little note updating me on you please.

Again I'm sorry for not being on for sooooooooooo long

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Sorry this is late…Had some issues today

Title: Happy birthday my prince
Author: Paradise4writin
Paring: Aragorn/Legolas
Rating: Pg
Written for: Laura Beth
Word count: 370. I tried.
Read more...Collapse )

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Well today at school my computer teacher (i HATE this women) was sick, so her classes became free periods. Since i have her for back to back classes, I got two hours straight that I didn't have tobe at school. So about half the class went home and the other half went to Bob Evans. If that wasn't good enough James was there. So I got to introduce James to some of my class mates. They thought he was my boyfriend....don't I wish *wink*

So all and all it's a good day so far...now if I could only shake this cold...

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James is home!!!!

He showed up last night to my house.


He's even picking me up from school today.

Back to pretending to be doing my school work

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going friends only...comment to be added

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Does anyone know how to make my journal only view-able to people on my friends list?

I am waaaaay too tired to figure it out myself...once again DAMN YOU ALEX!!!!

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Damn Chineese food...I'm sick to my freakin stomach.

This is worse than a hangover.

Leave me some lovin.


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I called my therapist today to talk to her about what she told me last time. I really wanted to hear why she thought I shouldn't be friends with alex.


This is why you shouldn't have a 76 year old women as your therapist.

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Once again...I fought with my therapist today.

Today she told me I needed to stop being friends with alex and need to find more female and straight male friends.

She thinks he's unhealthy for me because we are ex's and our prank war.

Arn't I in therapy over a straight man and a female. I so am not giving up alex. He's the closest friend I got right now and he understands me. I ain't lettin go.

Great...now I sound like stalker ex...alex if you say one word you'll be shot on sight.

I understand that me and my therapist arn't always gonna get along, I'm not stupid (again alex shut up) but to ask me to give up my best friend and practical big brother....yeah right lady.

My nightmares about my ex's are over and have been for awhile...so I am thinkin about not going anymore.

I promise that if I fall back, and alex will call me out on it, I will find someone to talk to.

I would love to hear what you all have to say.

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